NLR 75

Susan WatkinsAnother Turn Of The Screw?

Beneath the roiling surface of the Euro-crisis, a further chapter of the EU integration project is underway. Susan Watkins on the institutional machinery Berlin is imposing across the Union, and the political stakes—and hypocrisies—laid bare by the struggle.

Michel AgliettaThe European Vortex

Global economic turmoil has exposed the structural flaws in the single currency. Amid deepening divergences between industrial north and debt-laden south, Michel Aglietta assesses the Eurozone’s chances of recovery, and the impact of its continued travails on the world economy.

Perry AndersonRonald Fraser, 1930–2012

Tribute to the author of Blood of Spain, locating the impulse behind his oeuvre in a commitment to explore lived experience. Reconstructions of work, war, politics and subjectivity, from Napoleonic era to post-Fordist present.

Ronald FraserPolitics As Daily Life

How are collective mobilizations refracted through the prism of personal experience—and in what conditions can individual histories be constituted as history? Ronald Fraser reflects on memory, method and militancy.

Alèssi Dell’UmbriaThe Sinking Of Marseille

The recent fate of France’s second city—post-war decline followed by modish resurgence—seen in the longue durée by its radical historian. A social and political archaeology of Marseille, amid the steady dismantling of its urban worlds.

Roberto SchwarzPolitical Iridescence

Brazil’s foremost literary critic engages with the autobiography of Caetano Veloso, its best-known musician. The dense weave of relations between 60s counter-culture and left movements, and its rending by years of dictatorship and capitalist triumph.

In Soviet Arcadia

Fredric Jameson on Francis Spufford, Red Plenty. A documentary-cum-fable reconstructs the lost future of the Khrushchev era.

The Family Firm

Tom Hazeldine on D R Thorpe, Supermac. Lengthy apologia for Harold Macmillan from a serial Tory biographer.

Parti Pris

Gregory Elliott on Lucio Magri, The Tailor of Ulm. The trajectory of Italian communism, analysed by an unillusioned participant-observer.

California’s Fields Ablaze

Paul Buhle on Frank Bardacke, Trampling Out the Vintage. Chronicle of the United Farm Workers and their mercurial leader, Cesar Chavez.