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New Left Review I/87-88, September-December 1974

Ernest Mandel and Bill Warren

Recession and its Consequences (Discussion)

In September, when he was touring Australia, Ernest Mandel was invited to join a radio programme in which, through a link-up with London, he and Bill Warren discussed the impending world recession: its immediate and long-run effects, and its consequences for the working class. Naturally, in a brief broadcast, no detailed examination of the issues was possible. Nonetheless, despite its obvious elisions, brevity and enforced conclusion, the dialogue has both immediate and more lasting interest. The contrasting prognostications are clear, sober and open to examination in the light of events. The directness of discussion is exemplary: there are none of the evasions or euphemisms characteristic of bourgeois panel programmes; while the tone of this argument, which literally traversed the globe, is a model for socialists. Despite the limitations of the format, neither participant attempts to separate his analysis of immediate and long-term economic developments from the strategy of class struggle. Below, we carry a slightly edited version of this brief debate between Ernest Mandel and Bill Warren.

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Ernest Mandel, Bill Warren, ‘Recession and Its Consequences (Discussion)’, NLR I/87-88: £3

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