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New Left Review I/10, July-August 1961

Perry Anderson and Stuart Hall

The Politics of the Common Market

with the Common Market, we have arrived at a real turning point in post-war history. It is always difficult to date such moments precisely, but it can now be clearly seen that the signing of the Treaty of Rome in 1957, gathering up as it did the separate strands of post-war history, represents a water-shed. Such a development always precipitates very automatic and acceptable responses. We are attracted by the prospects of breaking free from our present stagnation, and Europe, with its modern face, its style, itsbrio exerts a remarkably strong force of attraction upon us. The country is really in desperate straits, whatever the Chancellor may say: Europe is the escape clause in the unwritten history of the Conservative experiment in Britain.

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Perry Anderson, Stuart Hall, ‘The Politics of the Common Market’, NLR I/10: £3

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