NLR 69

Isidro López & Emmanuel RodríguezThe Spanish Model

Catapulted from backwater status into financialized modernity, Spain is now the latest frontier of the Eurozone crisis. Emergence of the Iberian bubble economy, distortions of its growth pattern—and eruption of protests against a compliant political class.

Andrei PlatonovOn the First Socialist Tragedy

Reflections from 1934 on man, technology and the dialectic of nature. Frailties and dangers of our advance within—and against—an unyielding environment.

John GrahlA Capitalist Contrarian

John Grahl surveys the work of dissident French economist Jean-Luc Gréau. Centre-right critique of the ascendancy of financial markets and unorthodox solutions for the global economic crisis.

Chin-tao WuScars and Faultlines

The art of Doris Salcedo as test-case for the complex interaction of aesthetics and commerce. For works aiming to commemorate lives lost in Colombia’s civil wars, what are the consequences—economic, ethical, critical—of integration into the circuits of both memory and market?

Noël Burch & Allan SekulaThe Forgotten Space

The oceans as neglected but indispensable medium for globalized industry. Snapshots from the maritime landscape of exploitation.

Benno TeschkeFetish of Geopolitics

Responding to Gopal Balakrishnan in NLR 68, Teschke underscores the problematic nature of Carl Schmitt’s accounts of colonial expansion and the inter-state system. Against these, a programme for a revised Marxist geopolitics.

Andrew BacevichTailors to the Emperor

Origins of the Bush doctrine in the thought of Albert Wohlstetter. Preemptive war and constant militarism as outcomes of a vision geared to gaining the tactical edge—but blind to the historical record of us foreign policy and incapable of strategic thought.

Reclaiming Human Rights

Robin Blackburn on Samuel Moyn, The Last Utopia: Human Rights in History. Demystifying the origins and ideological ascendancy of human-rights discourse.


Peter Osborne on François Dosse, Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari: Intersecting Lives. Crossed biography of the two thinkers, shedding new light on their respective contributions.

Leaving Shabazz

Tariq Ali on Manning Marable, Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention. The political formation of one of America’s most gifted black orators.