NLR 67

Daniel FinnIreland on the turn?

In a landmark study, Daniel Finn surveys the political and economic consequences of the 2008 crash, on both sides of the Irish border. Looming austerity and entrenched sectarian divides in the North; with the demise of the Celtic Tiger in the South, the unravelling of Fianna Fáil’s long dominance and emergence of a new-model Sinn Fein as the one all-Ireland party

Jules BoykoffThe Anti-Olympics

Always an avatar for the international order of the day—Victorian imperialism, Cold War rivalry, Pax Americana—the Olympics have joined the wto and G20 as focus for alter-globo protest. Lessons for London from the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, where artists, activists and indigenous organizers took on the spectacle of the five-ring circus.

Benno TeschkeDecisions and Indecisions

Where liberal thought has tried to quarantine the ‘dangerous mind’ of Carl Schmitt, recent revisions have found portents of contemporary imperial hubris in his analysis of victors’ justice. Warning against such 'rehabilitations', Benno Teschke detects a unifying set of preoccupations that render the thinker's transition from hyper-authoritarianism to fascism logical.

Yoav Peled & Horit Herman PeledPost-post-Zionism?

The elisions and occlusions of three recent works on the character—past, present and future—of Israel and its occupation regime. Behind Deleuzian explorations of a ‘control system’ or reconstructions of ‘pioneer’ discourse, attempts to insulate Zionism and its founding myths from examination of their settler-colonial origins.

How the Republic was Lost

Ronald Fraser on Julián Casanova, The Spanish Republic and Civil War. Sober reassessment of the Republic’s brief flowering and embattled fall, as a new generation of scholars wrestles with its contested history.

The Old Mole’s Path

Gregory Elliott on Eric Hobsbawm, How to Change the World. Britain’s foremost Communist historian surveys the Marxist tradition. Implementation, legacies and prospects of the Moor’s ideas.

Congo’s Agonies

Etienne Smith on Gérard Prunier, From Genocide to Continental War. Ambitious attempt to make sense of Congo’s decade of war, from a Francophone observer-participant of the continent’s high politics.