NLR 124

Simon HammondKnight’s Moves

A retrospective on the life and work of pioneering cultural critic, theorist and practitioner Peter Wollen. From Methodist roots to Parisian exile, radical journalism to avant-garde filmmaking, auteurism and semiotics to the landmark Raiding the Icebox.

Lola SeatonPainting Nationalism Green?

If climate change were framed as a threat to the security of Western states, could it rally the electoral forces of the right to an environmentalist agenda? The eco-nationalist programme of Anatol Lieven anatomized in the latest instalment of NLR’s green-strategy debate.

Göran TherbornDreams and Nightmares of the World’s Middle Classes

A survey of new shifts within the world’s vast ‘in-between’ classes and their contrasting trajectories in North and South. How should their theorization—or ideologization?—by development economists and financial journalists be read?

Gavin RaeIn the Polish Mirror

Poland’s Atlanticist friends, deeply involved in the country’s de-communization, now look on in horror as the national-conservative right consolidates its rule, reaching for explanations in cultural stereotypes and the trahison des clercs. Gavin Rae recommends some self-critical reflection.

Alice BamfordMathematics and Modern Literature

If modernist literature has been fascinated by the possibilities of mathematical formalism, mathematicians have repaid the compliment in their use of that paramount avant-garde form: the manifesto. Here we publish extracts from Alice Bamford’s bravura treatment of experimentation at Bourbaki and Oulipo.

Franco MorettiThe Roads to Rome

Twenty years after ‘Conjectures on World Literature’, Franco Moretti reassesses the research methodologies of close and distant reading in literary studies. Interpretation and measurement, history and textuality, struggle and discovery—how practicable a synthesis of their approaches?

Explaining Modi

Alpa Shah on K. S. Komireddi, Malevolent Republic. A polemic against the corruptions of India’s once-hegemonic Congress Party, charged with paving the way for Hindutva’s rise.

Chosen Nations

Nick Burns on Yoram Hazony, The Virtue of Nationalism. An Israeli conservative defends the differentials of national states against the universalizing ethic of US and EU imperialism.

Political Generations

Oliver Eagleton on Keir Milburn, Generation Left. Age as the key modality of class, theorized by way of Hungarian sociology, autonomist Marxism and Badiouian philosophy.