NLR 116/117

NLR EditorsIntroduction to NLR 116/117

Matteo PucciarelliSalvini Ascendant

Portrait of the bare-knuckle Milanese politician currently leading the advance of the far right in Europe—and explanation for his rise, amid the ruins of Italy’s party system and its euro-racked economy.

Evgeny MorozovDigital Socialism?

What opportunities does the new feedback infrastructure of data capitalism offer for non-market forms of social coordination? Hayek and the Calculation Debate revisited in the age of big data.

Young PioneersMay Fourth Manifesto

A resounding call for labour rights and democracy on the centenary of the youth uprising of May 1919, swiftly removed from the internet.

Stathis KouvelakisThe French Insurgency

Analysis of the group dynamics and programme of the Gilets Jaunes, read through the lens of the Prison Notebooks—and against the surprising precedent of the Chartist movement’s political economy.

DSA MembersAmerica’s New Left

Five members of Democratic Socialists of America give their views on the organization’s dramatic growth and the strategic dilemmas it must address—above all, relations to Sanders and the Democratic Party.

Christine BuchholzGermany Redivided

Wide-ranging perspective on the German political landscape under Merkel, and left debates on how best to counteract the ascent of the AfD, from one of Die Linke’s Bundestag members.

Emma FajgenbaumCinema as Disquiet

Portugal’s revolution and colonial legacy refracted through the lives of its subjects in the work of Pedro Costa, one of Europe’s most innovative practitioners of an experimental cinema from below.

Joseph NorthTwo Paragraphs in Raymond Williams

Replying to Francis Mulhern in NLR 110, Joseph North finds support for his project of a critical aesthetic education in the supposedly anti-aesthetic work of Raymond Williams.

Mary MellorAn Eco-Feminist Proposal

Continuing the debate in recent numbers of NLR, insights from feminist economics brought to bear on the most pressing questions of green strategy.

In the Crisis Cockpit

Cédric Durand on Adam Tooze, Crashed. Epic account of the financial crisis and the decade of political aftershocks that followed.


Michael Rustin on Anthony Barnett, The Lure of Greatness. Post-imperial pathologies of the multinational kingdom as catalyst for Britain’s leap into the unknown.

Development’s Shadow

Jan Breman on Michael Levien, Dispossession without Development. India’s real-estate development through the eyes of its excluded.

The French Exception

Grey Anderson on Julian Jackson, A Certain Idea of France. Can the latest life of de Gaulle rescue him from the enormous condescension of the Anglo-Saxon powers?