1. rssf commits itself to the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism and imperialism and its replacement by workers’ power, and bases itself on the recognition that the only social class in industrial countries capable of making the revolution is the working class.

2. rssf opposes all forms of discrimination and will lend its support to any group engaged in progressive struggle against such discrimination.

3. rssf commits itself on principle to all anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist and anti-fascist struggles and resolutely opposes all forms of capitalist domination and class collaboration.

4. rssf will lend its support to any group of workers or tenants in struggles against the wage freeze and price and rent increases.

5. rssf’s aims cannot be achieved through parliamentary means and it therefore constitutes itself as an extra-parliamentary opposition.

6. rssf extends to all left students and organizations the invitation to co-operate with it in supporting and organizing for its aims, and extends fraternal greetings to organizations abroad already doing so.

7. rssf recognizes that the trend of modern capitalism to the increasing integration of manual and mental labour, of intellectual and productive work, makes the intellectual element increasingly crucial to the development of the economy and society, and that this productive force comes into sharpening conflict with the institutional nature of capitalism. The growing revolutionary movement of students in all advanced capitalist countries is a product of this. To organize this vital sector as a revolutionary ally of the proletariat and as an integral part of the building of a new revolutionary movement, rssf resolutely opposes ruling-class control of education and determines to struggle for an education system involving comprehensive higher education, and the abolition of the binary system, public schools and grammar schools. The transformation of this sector requires the generation of a revolutionary socialist culture.