The Bolivian guerrillas are now fully on their way, and we will unflaggingly carry the struggle through to the brilliant victory of the revolutionary forces that will bring socialism to Latin America.

Our country has lived through—in principle—a revolutionary experience of undreamed-of, continental proportions. The beginning of our struggle was accompanied by tragic adversity. The irreparable physical death of our friend and comrade, our Major Ernesto Che Guevara, as well as of many other fighters, has been a rude blow to us. They, who were the purest and noblest of our continent’s generations, did not hesitate to offer up the only thing they could—their lives—on the altar of human redemption.

But these painful events, far from frightening us, strengthen our revolutionary awareness; increase our determination to fight for a just cause; make it stauncher; and forge, in the purifying and bloody crucible of war, new fighters and leaders, who will honour and pay homage to those who have already fallen.

We know what we are fighting for. We are not waging war for the sake of war. We are not wishful thinkers. We are not fighting for the sake of personal or party ambition. We have confidence in man as a human being.

Our single and final goal is the liberation of Latin America, which is more than our continent; it is rather our homeland, temporarily torn into 20 republics.

We are convinced that the dream of Bolívar and Che—that of uniting Latin America both politically and geographically—will be attained through armed struggle, which is the only dignified, honest, glorious, and irreversible method which will motivate the people. No other form of struggle is purer. Guerrilla warfare is the most effective and correct method of armed struggle.

For this reason, as long as there is a single honest man in Latin America, guerrilla warfare will not die. Armed struggle will surge ahead vigorously until all of the people awake and rise up in arms against the common enemy, us imperialism.