Some readers have asked for information as to the present constitution of New Left Review. The position is as follows. When the journal was founded, control was vested in a large Board, which met periodically for advisory discussions, and which also comprised the shareholders who owned the Review. This New Left Board also undertook, on occasion, other work, such as the promotion of ancillary publications, assistance to Left Clubs, summer schools, etc.

For rather more than a year the Review has in fact been conducted by an editorial team (whose names appear on each issue). This team has now asked the Board to transfer to itself the entire legal and financial, as well as editorial, responsibility for the Review, and this has been seceded to. The Review is therefore now owned by the editorial team, and the New Left Board, in its old form, has been dissolved. It is hoped, however, that former Board members will continue to have close informal relations, as contributors, etc, with the Review.

All inquiries affecting any editorial or other question should therefore be addressed to the Editor or Business Manager of the Review.