Prof. Dr. Theodor W. Adorno

6 Frankfurt am Main

Kettenhofweg 123

14 February 1969

Dear Herbert

I wrote to you on 24 January and enclosed for the dean of your faculty an official English invitation from the Institute. Since I have still not received a response, I am rather afraid that, due to some sort of catastrophe—be it natural or social—the letter has gone astray. I am requesting a rapid response, in case I need to send you carbon copies.

By the way, I committed an error of form: an invitation from theInstitutecan de jure only originate from Friedeburg, Gunzert or me, but not Habermas. Though he is the co-director of the sociology department, he is not formally part of the Institute; and the two things must be kept separate from each other in organizational terms. I need not say that the invitation met with Jürgen‘s full approval.