the pamphlet announced in the first article on the Economic Implications of the Common Market is now in preparation and will be available soon. Clubs interested in taking a block order should write in early so that copies can be mailed off to them in good order. It is written by John Hughes and Michael Barratt Brown, and should provide the basis for an excellent discussion or meeting on this vitally important topic.

The next issue of NLR will be our special education supplement. This deals with primary schools, grammar, secondary and comprehensive education, and the problems of testing and evaluating “intelligence” scientifically. The material has been gathered together and shaped by Brian Jackson, and includes a piece on primary schools by himself, and other contributions by A. H. Halsey, Douglas Brown, David Holbrook, and Tony Crowe. It is written as a report on English education from the classroom rather than as a formal report, and should provide an excellent introduction for further discussion among teachers and others interested in this issue. We should be glad to have comments on the Supplement, and to hear of any discussions or study groups which use it as a basis for further work.

The Northern Left Clubs Committee is running a week-end school at Habden, in the Yorkshire Dales, September 16th—17th. The School will be divided in half; Denis Butt, who has written on Workers’ Control in this issue, and on the Motor Industry in NLR3, and Eric Heffer, a leading Liverpool socialist and Trades Council officer, will take a session on “Work, Wages and Leisure”, and Michael Barratt Brown, who now lectures in the Extra-Mural Department at Sheffield, will introduce a discussion on “The Common Market”. Cost for the weekend will be 35s., details from Northern Committee Secretary, Allan Horsfall, 19 Lane Ends, Nelson, Lancs. ‘Phone: Nelson 63552.

The experimental theatre, In-Stage, described in our Notebook by Charles Marowitz, is a noncommercial theatre devoted to new writers and new plays. In October it will present the first professional production of the plays of Arthur Adamov. This experiment needs help and money, and if you can spare either, they will be welcomed. Contributions to In-Stage, 9 Fitzroy Square, London, W.1.

We are planning to produce the daily Junius-sheet, This Week, at the Labour Party conference at Blackpool again this year. If readers of the journal are going to be in Blackpool that week, and would like to keep in touch with the contingent, would they please write to us for further details? We urgently need volunteers for the many tasks of production and distribution too —and any financial help you could offer to float the venture.

Contributors to this issue: David Armstrong is an industrial psychologist at the Tavistock Institute, who is working on a project in Wales . . . Perry Anderson, who has been writing for us about Sweden, is now at work for Africa Research Projects on a study of Portuguese-Angola relations . . . Philip Aldis is an architect-planner, member of the London Club Housing Group which is currently at work . . . Gordon Reece is on the London Club Committee and a Maths student at London University.