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My institution subscribes to New Left Review, why can't I access the archive?

Your current IP address ( is not in a range that is registered against any account. If you believe you should have access from this IP address, it is normally best to contact your librarian.

Explanation: Institutional subscribers to New Left Review typically grant their users access by registering the ranges of IP addresses from which they want to allow use of their subscription. For example, a university might register the IP address ranges of its campus networks in order to grant all on-site users access. Alternatively, they might register the IP address of a library proxy server, through which off-campus traffic would be channelled to the New Left Review website.

It is recommended that you report this to your librarian. If your IP address should be registered on the account they should be able to do this. Or, if your library provides a proxy server through which access is available, they should be able to provide details of how you can access this.

If you are having persistent trouble accessing the NLR archive and your librarian has been unable to help, please provide details here and we will look into it. Submitting this form will send us some diagnostic information to help us understand why your access may be failing.

Which instititution should you have access through?

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