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A 160-page journal published every two months from London, New Left Review analyses world politics, the global economy, state powers and protest movements; contemporary social theory, history and philosophy; cinema, literature, heterodox art and aesthetics. It runs a regular book review section and carries interviews, essays, topical comments and signed editorials on political issues of the day. ‘Brief History of New Left Review’ gives an account of NLR’s political and intellectual trajectory since its launch in 1960.

The NLR Online Archive includes the full text of all articles published since 1960; the complete index can be searched by author, title, subject or issue number. The NLR Index 1960-2010 is available in print and can be purchased here. Subscribers to the print edition get free access to the entire online archive; two or three articles from each new issue are available free online. If you wish to subscribe to NLR, you can take advantage of special offers by subscribing online, or contact the Subscriptions Director below.

NLR is also published in Spanish, and selected articles are available in Greek, Italian, Korean, Portuguese and Turkish.

Submissions to the journal are welcome, but please consult the submission guidelines before sending in an article or book review. For queries concerning advertising, bookshop distribution or subscriptions, please consult the full contact details.

NLR Editorial Committee

  • Editor: Susan Watkins
  • Associate Editor: Francis Mulhern
  • Editor at Large: Tom Hazeldine
  • Deputy Editor: Daniel Finn
  • Publishing Director: Kheya Bag
  • Online Publisher: Rob Lucas
  • Assistant Editor: Emma Fajgenbaum
  • Assistant Editor: Alice Bamford


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