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New Left Review 99, May-June 2016

sven lütticken


Art and the Crisis of Value

As the crisis of financialized capitalism has morphed into a creeping catastrophe, the literature on questions of art and value has burgeoned.* For Marx and many in his wake, in economic terms art was a partial exception—and the nature and extent of this exception are once more being hotly debated. These debates occur at a moment when the ‘culturalization’ of the economy and the economization of culture suggest that this exceptionality may be becoming a thing of the past. [1] See for instance Texte zur Kunst’s issue on ‘The Question of Value’, no. 88, December 2012, as well as numerous articles published in recent years on

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Sven Lütticken, ‘The Coming Exception’, NLR 99: £3

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