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New Left Review 8, March-April 2001

Hal Foster on Amy Newman, ed., Challenging Art: Artforum 1962–1974. The modern fate of art criticism through the prism of America's leading journal of the visual arts in the sixties—a retrospect of the time beyond Abstract Expressionism.



The art critic is an endangered species. Look through prominent reviews in North America—but is it so different in Europe?—and you will find, as commentators on art, writers moonlighting as critics, artists switch-hitting as the same, or philosophers unwinding, but almost no one tagged as ‘art critic’ pure and simple. Odder still is that art critics are fairly scarce in prominent art magazines like Artforum. What has happened to this figure who, only a generation or two ago, strode through the cultural landscape with the force of a Clement Greenberg or a Harold Rosenberg?

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Hal Foster, ‘Art Agonistes’, NLR 8: £3

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