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New Left Review 65, September-October 2010

huang yasheng


A Reply to Joel Andreas

As far as I am aware, the review of my Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics by Joel Andreas in New Left Review is the most detailed and thorough to date. [1] See above: Joel Andreas, ‘A Shanghai Model? -On Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics’, nlr 65, Sept–Oct 2010. Most other reviews, especially those that appeared in the financial press, have tended to pick up one or two things from the book and to highlight connections with the current economic downturn, which is their real interest. Andreas focuses closely on the differences between Chinese government policy in the 1980s and in the 1990s, which are at the heart of my reasons for writing the book in the first place. For that, I greatly appreciate his critique.

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Yasheng Huang, ‘The Politics of China’s Path’, NLR 65: £3

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