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New Left Review 57, May-June 2009



Interview by Marc-Olivier Padis

In Beyond Employment, the 1999 report on work that you chaired for the European Commission, you sketched the foundations for what might have become a genuinely universal social policy for the EU, as well as making concrete proposals for labour law reform. [1] Alain Supiot, Au-delà de l’emploi: Transformations du travail et devenir du droit du travail en Europe, Paris 1999; English edition: Beyond Employment: Changes in Work and the Future of Labour Law in Europe, Oxford 2001. This interview first appeared in Esprit, January 2009. What is your retrospective assessment of that collective undertaking, and of the European ‘agenda’ as it has developed since then?

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Alain Supiot, ‘Possible Europes’, NLR 57: £3

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