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New Left Review 55, January-February 2009

Fredric Jameson on Christoph Henning, Philosophie nach Marx. Austerities of a German rejection of social philosophy, in the name of the Moor.



A Marx revival seems to be under way, predating the current disarray on Wall Street, even though no clear-cut political options yet seem to propose themselves. [1] Christoph Henning, Philosophie nach Marx: 100 Jahre Marxrezeption unddie normative Sozialphilosophie der Gegenwart in der Kritik, Transcript: Bielefeld 2005, €39.80, paperback, 660 pp, 978 3 899 42367 9. Sensible opportunists have welcomed any sign of sympathy for Marxian positions, without wanting to alienate the new converts (or returning fellow-travellers). The big ideological issues—anarchism, the party, economic planning, social classes—are still mainly avoided, on the grounds that they remind too many people of Communist propaganda. Such a reminder is unwanted, not so much because it is accompanied by the memory of deaths and violence (memory is fragile in postmodernity) as simply and less dramatically because such topics now appear boring.

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Fredric Jameson, ‘Sandblasting Marx’, NLR 55: £3

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