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New Left Review 54, November-December 2008

Henry Zhao on Gloria Davies, Worrying about China. The range of contemporary disputes among Chinese intellectuals, and what they characteristically have in common.



There have been many worries about China since the 1990s, and as many books expressing them. But worrying about what? About the potential worries China may have on its way ahead? Or about the worries the rest of the world—particularly the West—should have about China? These two could potentially cancel each other out, for China’s worries could mean freedom from worry for the West. But others may think that China’s worries could spell worry for the world. The latter is the theme of Gloria Davies’s book. [1] Gloria Davies, Worrying about China: The Language of Chinese Critical Inquiry, Harvard University Press: Cambridge, MA 2007, $39.95, hardback, 324 pp, 978 0 674 02621 6.

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Henry Zhao, ‘Caring for the Nation’, NLR 54: £3

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