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New Left Review 46, July-August 2007

The dramatic trajectories of Tbilisi, Baku and Yerevan, and differing roles in the present. Göran Therborn tracks the fortunes of Georgia’s capital, seat of monarchs and Mensheviks, through alterations in its physical fabric, setting these alongside the metamorphoses of its Caucasian counterparts.



Only one major city in the world is approached from its international airport by a motorway named after President George W. Bush. The Ministry of Defence recently organized a prize essay competition for school students on the theme, ‘Why I want our country to join nato’. The state in question already has a symbolic presence in the ongoing American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and its parliament voted in March this year to increase its involvement in both. The government has also offered its territory for stationing part of the new us star wars deployment. It has good reason, being directly on the American payroll.

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Göran Therborn, ‘Transcaucasian Triptych’, NLR 46: £3

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