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New Left Review 35, September-October 2005

Is patriarchy a structure of power in the family or something wider? Is it largely a pre-capitalist phenomenon? What have been the principal forces dissolving it—commodity relations, liberal ideas, or radical political action? Where are negative rates of reproduction in advanced societies likely to lead? A sharp exchange of ideas beween Nicky Hart and Göran Therborn.



In replying to Nicky Hart, let me begin by noting the discrepancies between what is in my book, Between Sex and Power: Family in the World, 1900–2000, and what she says about it. These are so large that it is difficult to believe she has read it very seriously. Here are some examples of the gap between my arguments and her representations of them:

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Göran Therborn, ‘A Liberal Provoked?’, NLR 35: £3

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