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New Left Review 34, July-August 2005

Peter Gowan on Mark Leonard, Why Europe will Run the 21st Century. Panglossian manifesto for a Blairite Europeanism as model for the new Atlanticist world order.



Mired ever deeper in the disaster of occupied Iraq, Downing Street’s one remaining strategic hope has been to rally domestic forces around a Blairite Europeanism. With the 2005 election out of the way, Blair could repackage himself through British chairmanship of the g8 and the eu to link up with those on the British centre-left yearning for a Europeanist alternative to America under Bush. Mark Leonard’s tract, Why Europe Will Run the 21st Century, would have been an ideal intellectual support for such a turn. It manages to combine a clarion call to build Europe as a progressive alternative to Bush’s America with an artful defence of both Atlanticism and neoliberalism.

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Peter Gowan, ‘Pax Europæa’, NLR 34: £3

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