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New Left Review 17, September-October 2002

A garotted Uruguay—‘dedicated to turning itself from a nation-state into a bank with beaches’—in the eyes of its greatest poet, as credits descend and the young depart.



Are we such a poignant sight? President Bush has declared himself moved by Uruguay’s plight, although there is no indication that he could even locate our country on a map. Perhaps what has touched his heart has been the selfless readiness of our president, Jorge Batlle, to stand in the front line against Cuba, Argentina, or whoever else he is told to oppose—who knows. The fact is that Bush said: ‘We have to lend a hand.’ And the international credit organizations, in the noble role of the parrot on the pirate’s shoulder, then said exactly the same.

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Eduardo Galeano, ‘The Noose’, NLR 17: £3

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