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New Left Review 106, July-August 2017

Luc Boltanski & Arnaud Esquerre


A Rejoinder to Nancy Fraser

Nancy Fraser raises several questions about what we propose to call an economy of enrichment. They concern, first, our conception of capitalism and, in particular, the relationship between our ‘forms of valorization’ and Marx’s ‘trinity formula’ of profit, interest and rent; second, the links that bind the different economic sectors of the world-capitalist system together—in particular, the enrichment economy and the financial economy, Fraser’s ‘candidate for contemporary capitalism’s dominant sector’; third, the historical birth of the economy of enrichment; fourth, a measure that would determine its importance—which, according to Fraser, we overestimate; and fifth, what follows from our account for the task of critique.

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Luc Boltanski, Arnaud Esquerre, ‘Enrichment, Profit, Critique’, NLR 106: £3

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