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New Left Review I/95, January-February 1976

New Left Review

Introduction to Vušković

The mass popular resistance to fascist occupation in Yugoslavia and Albania and the fact that capitalism was overthrown in these countries as the culmination of an authentic, indigenous revolutionary mobilization of their populations, has meant that they have always stood somewhat apart from the rest of East Europe, where liberation was largely the work of the Soviet Army and the subsequent transformation of the mode of production decreed or authorized in Moscow. That it should have been these same two countries which later rejected Russian hegemony, without any accompanying internal upheaval like those of Budapest 1956 or Prague 1968, was naturally no accident. Yugoslavia, in particular, has followed a course which raises a whole range of specific theoretical and practical problems of concern to socialists everywhere. These, of course, require equally specific analysis; moreover, of all the non-capitalist countries, Yugoslavia has been most open to Marxist study from outside. Yet for the most part, in place of any concrete analysis, we have seen on the one hand uncritical acceptance of the Tito régime’s official mythology, on the other an equally uncritical adoption of Chinese propaganda charges about a supposed restoration of capitalism in Yugoslavia.

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