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New Left Review I/92, July-August 1975

New Left Review

Introduction to ‘British Troops in Oman’

The war in the southern, Dhofar, province of the Sultanate of Oman has now been in progress for over ten years. Following the Portuguese retreat from Africa and the defeat of us imperialism in Indochina it is the only revolutionary war of any significant military dimensions taking place in the world today. In contrast to other such wars, it has however been met by almost complete silence on the part of the imperialist press and the public attention devoted to it contrasts significantly with the immense strategic importance which the war for control of Oman now has. Although when it began the movement was a local, predominantly tribal, revolt against a traditional British-backed tyranny, it now calls for a social revolution in Oman, a country that borders the oil-producing areas of the Arabian peninsula.

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New Left Review, ‘Introduction to 'British Troops in Oman'’, NLR I/92: £3

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