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New Left Review I/92, July-August 1975

Lo Feng

‘It is still the Age of the Tsa-wen’

In our glorious border areas there are some people who claim that we are no longer in the age of the tsa-wen. I too wish that there was no need for the tsa-wen to stage a comeback, for if there were no tsa-wen then there would be no more of that dreadful darkness or of those evil, nauseating abscesses. If there were no tsa-wen surely all the world would be at peace? Surely we would be certain of final victory in the anti-Japanese war of resistance? But facts are rarely as rounded as hopes, and however much effort we spend on making our thought as brilliant as the sun, it will still be easy as the years go by to find dark, dank corners, full of decaying curios.

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Feng Lo, ‘It Is Still the Age of the Tsa-wen’, NLR I/92: £3

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