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New Left Review I/70, November-December 1971

Fernando Claudin

The Split in the Spanish Communist Party

The Communist Party of Spain (pce) was among the communist parties which went furthest in its condemnation of the Soviet military intervention in Czechoslovakia and the Husakian ‘normalization’. This led to a serious deterioration in its relations with the cpsu and provoked a deep internal crisis in the party, the gravest since the years 1931–32. At that time the leading group, headed by Jose Bullejos, tried to resist the directives of Moscow and was replaced without further ado. Today, the tendency represented by the general secretary, Santiago Carrillo, still controls the apparatus of the party, but a group led by Enrique Lister, Eduardo Garcia and Agustin Gomez [1] Eduardo Garcia was organization secretary of the party for about 10 years. Agustin Gomez was a member of the Central Committee of the pce and leader of the Basque Communist Party. The personality of Lister is well known. He had been a member of the Central Committee since the civil war period and a member of the Political Bureau (later Executive Committee) since 1947. has raised the banner of unconditional loyalty to the Kremlin and is waging an open struggle against Carrillo, accusing him of anti-Sovietism, nationalism, revisionism and dictatorial methods. Encouraged and aided by the Soviet Union, this group has carried an important fraction of the party with it, but has failed in its primary objective: to remove Carrillo and his supporters from the leadership. In view of this, it is now aiming to split the party and constitute itself as the ‘authentic’ Communist Party of Spain, in opposition to that presided over by Dolores Ibarruri and led by Santiago Carrillo.

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