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New Left Review I/7, January-February 1961

Mike Kidron

Intellectual Liberalism?

there’s little in Thompson’s “Revolution Again” (NLR 6) with which one can disagree in substance. That the working class or class consciousness are not concrete slabs hoisted into Shapes by History, but subtle things that owe some, at least, of their existence to our own efforts, must be agreed. So too the possibility that class consciousness is forming among new strata in new ways. We can agree, too, with his characterisation of what he calls the sectaries, their sniff-sniff-sniff after heresy, their ambivalence towards the New Left. But since I find myself and other contributors to International Socialism included in the catch-all, I should like to say that some of us at least are as suspicious of ourselves and our potential irrelevance as we are of our “competitors!”

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