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New Left Review I/68, July-August 1971

Tariq Ali

Bangla Desh—Results and Prospects

The struggle in Bangla Desh between the Bengali liberation forces and the armed might of West Pakistani capital represents both a continuation of the mass movement which erupted in 1968–69 and a qualitative break. In that sense we can say that the present course of events in East Bengal was not unpredictable. [1] In September last year, we wrote: ‘The national question, coupled with the combined and uneven development of political consciousness in the two parts of the country, could well lead to a situation where the revolution is successful in Bengal before it moves to the West. In this situation, revolutionary socialists will be faced with the possibility of protracted struggles in the East and the need to combat chauvinism in the west.’ T. Ali, ‘Class Struggles in Pakistan’, nlr 63, p. 52.

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Tariq Ali, ‘Bangla Desh--Results and Prospects’, NLR I/68: £3

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