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New Left Review I/67, May-June 1971

Robin Blackburn and Branka Magas

Comment on Lucien Rey

The fundamental premiss of Rey’s comment runs as follows: ‘there is little of value written on women’s oppression within the Marxist tradition and perhaps even less within the Freudian tradition.’ Consequently, the feminist critique of Hegel, Freud, Rousseau, etc, is more important than a Marxist critique of feminism, especially since Marxism has not produced the concepts with which to criticize feminism convincingly. So Rey concludes: ‘feminism is not incompatible with Marxism; in fact, they are mutually necessary. The process of Marxizing feminism can only take place pari passu with the process of feminizing Marxism.’

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Robin Blackburn, Branka Magas, ‘Comment on Lucien Rey’, NLR I/67: £3

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