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New Left Review I/66, March-April 1971

New Left Review

Introduction to Magri

Lucio Magri’s article on Italian Communism in the sixties, published in Il Manifesto in late 1970, is for a number of reasons of considerable international significance. The Manifesto group was excluded from the pci in June 1969 for their systematic criticisms of its policies from the left: the ideological background to this break was analysed in nlr 60, which presented a theoretical essay by Magri on problems of the Marxist party. Since that date, the Manifesto has become the focus of a preliminary form of national political organization, which seeks to work for a regroupment of the revolutionary left in Italy. The article by Magri published below reflects this development. It was occasioned by the exit from the pci in the course of recent months of a growing number of regional and trade-union militants, disillusioned by the official line of the Party. The pci denounced the Manifesto violently for ‘sapping work’ when these resignations occurred: Magri’s article starts with a reply to these charges. Its substance, however, is a meticulous analysis of the whole political development of the pci throughout the last decade.

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