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New Left Review I/66, March-April 1971

Lucien Rey

Comment on Magas’s ‘Sex Politics: Class Politics’

Lucien Rey writes: The main purpose of Branka Magas’s article, as I understand it, is to show that there are a number of crucial theoretical shortcomings in the three books she is reviewing. For instance, they are confused about the concept of ‘equality’, they have an unrealistic historical perspective, they underplay the concepts of ‘class’ and ‘property’ and overplay ‘sexual politics’ and man-woman oppression—in short, none of them could be properly called Marxist. Subsidiary to this, and less explicit, I think the article has a second purpose, which is to claim that the theoretical bases for a correct analysis of women’s oppression are to be found in Engels’ Origins and in the writings of Freud.

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Lucien Rey, ‘Comment on Magas’s 'Sex Politics: Class Politics'’, NLR I/66: £3

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