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New Left Review I/65, January-February 1971

Mao Zedong

Letter to Comrade Lin Piao—January 5th 1930

Comrade Lin Piao:

I have not yet replied to your letter although it is several days since New Year. One reason is that several things have kept me busy, and another is that I have been wondering what to write to you. What have I to offer you that is really good? I have racked my tired brain but found nothing suitable, which is why I have been putting it off. Now I believe I have thought of something. I don’t know whether it applies exactly to your situation, but what I have to say is indeed about an important problem in the present struggle. Even if it does not correspond exactly with your particular circumstances, it is a vital general problem, and that is why I am bringing it up.

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Zedong Mao, ‘Letter to Comrade Lin Piao--January 5th 1930’, NLR I/65: £3

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