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  1. Auguste Blanqui: Instructions for an Uprising
  2. Lucio Colletti: Antonio Gramsci and the Italian Revolution
  3. Norman Geras: Essence and Appearance: Aspects of Fetishism in Marx’s 'Capital'
  4. Fred Halliday: Towards a Red Pakistan
  5. Jon Halliday: Mishima
  6. Haim Haneghi, Moshe Machover, Akiva Orr: The Class Nature of Israeli Society
  7. W. J. F. Jenner: Introduction to Mao’s 'Letter to Comrade Lin Piao'
  8. Gavan McCormack: The Student Left in Japan
  9. Zedong Mao: Letter to Comrade Lin Piao--January 5th 1930
  10. New Left Review: Presentation of Blanqui