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New Left Review I/64, November-December 1970

Charles Gagnon

The Quebec Liberation Struggle—

Knowledge of the Quebecois struggle for independence is not very widespread: perhaps you could indicate its origin and objectives.

A good way of understanding the struggle in Quebec is to compare it with that of the American Blacks. There is a great deal in common between these two struggles because the two peoples constitute national minorities in North America. Of course, there are also differences because the Quebecois live in a delimited geographical territory with a distinct government elected and theoretically controlled by the people. But the social and economic condition of the Quebecois can be easily compared with that of the American Blacks. While discrimination against Francophones in Canada may not be as overt as against Blacks, it’s now well established sociologically that the Francophones of Quebec stand in a position of marked inferiority compared with the Anglophone Canadians.

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