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New Left Review I/63, September-October 1970

Bill Warren

‘The British Road to Socialism’


For some time now, the present writer has increasingly felt that the Communist Party’s strategy for achieving socialism in Britain, as embodied in its programme, The British Road To Socialism, [1] All references are to the Third Revised Edition of October 1968. Subsequent use of the initials brs refers to this document. A draft of the following critique was first presented at the Smith Group, a discussion group composed of both members and non-members of the C.P.G.B. is characterized by grave theoretical ambiguities and unresearched but crucial formulations. What follows is an attempt to articulate these feelings in an organized fashion in the hope that the discussion will be taken up by others. The elaboration of an alternative strategy is not the aim of this paper but such an elaboration can usefully begin from a critique of the most clearly worked-out existing strategy. From such a critique it does seem possible to identify at least some crucial elements of an alternative strategy.

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Bill Warren, ‘'The British Road to Socialism'’, NLR I/63: £3

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