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New Left Review I/62, July-August 1970

Marysa Gerassi

Uruguay’s Urban Guerrillas

Among the many protests staged by Latin Americans to demonstrate their opposition to us policies during Governor Nelson Rockefeller’s 1969 visit was the destruction of the General Motors offices in Montevideo, Uruguay, by a commando of the Movimiento de Liberación Nacional (mln), also known as the Tupamaros. Despite extreme security measures, four men, dressed as police officers and armed with machine guns, broke into the gm office building and tied two night watchmen. They sprayed fuel in several rooms and on some six cars and set the building on fire. The pamphlets found at the scene bore the five-pointed star of the Tupamaros and protested the visit of Rockefeller, agent of imperialism.

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Marysa Gerassi, ‘Uruguay’s Urban Guerrillas’, NLR I/62: £3

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