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  1. Martin Nicolaus: The Universal Contradiction
  2. New Left Review: Introduction to Della Volpe
  3. Galvano Della Volpe: The Marxist Critique of Rousseau
  4. Ian Birchall: Letter On Goldmann
  5. Miriam Glucksmann: Reply to Birchall
  6. Ernest Mandel: The Laws of Uneven Development
  7. New Left Review: Presentation of Kautsky 1914
  8. Karl Kautsky: Ultra-Imperialism
  9. Régis Debray: Notes on Gramsci
  10. Ralph Miliband: The Capitalist State--Reply to N. Poulantzas
  11. Joao Quartim: Regis Debray and the Brazilian Revolution
  12. Andrew Chester: For a Rock Aesthetic
  13. Richard Merton: Comment on Chester’s 'For a Rock Aesthetic'