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New Left Review I/55, May-June 1969

Liam Baxter, Bernadette Devlin, Michael Farrell, Eamonn McCann and Cyril Toman

Discussion on the Strategy of Peoples Democracy

This interview with leading members of People’s Democracy took place in Derry on the evening of April 20 1969, as the crisis which was finally to unseat O’Neill opened. Three days previously, Bernadette Devlin had been elected in Mid-Ulster. On the previous evening, a march through Burntollet had been banned, and a protest in Derry had exploded into a full-scale confrontation between the police and the Catholic working class. The participants in this interview are:- Liam Baxter, 23, student and member of Queen’s University RSSF; Bernadette Devlin, 22, student at Queen’s and now an M.P.; Mike Farrell, 25, technical college lecturer and member of the executive of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association; Eamonn McCann, 26, unemployed and member of the Derry Young Socialists; Cyril Taman, 26, technical college lecturer. Apart from Liam Baxter, all the participants stood for PD in the Stormont elections.

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Liam Baxter, Bernadette Devlin, Michael Farrell, Eamonn McCann, Cyril Toman, ‘Discussion on the Strategy of Peoples Democracy’, NLR I/55: £3

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