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  1. Liam Baxter, Bernadette Devlin, Michael Farrell, Eamonn McCann, Cyril Toman: Discussion on the Strategy of Peoples Democracy
  2. Peter Gibbon: Dialectic of Religion and Class in Ulster
  3. Robert Avakian: The People v.Standard Oil
  4. New Left Review: Editorial Note on 'Freud and Lacan'
  5. Louis Althusser: Freud and Lacan
  6. Sam Rohdie: Signs and Meaning in the Cinema
  7. Ben Brewster: Comment on Rohdie’s 'Signs and Meaning in the Cinema'
  8. New Left Review, NLR Editors: Introduction to Tukhachevsky
  9. Mikhail Tukhachevsky: Revolution from Without
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