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New Left Review I/54, March-April 1969

Mao Zedong

A Talk on Strategic Dispositions

as published in Shaoshan, a newspaper of Red Guards of the ‘Red Flag’ tendency.

1. Four Stages in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (GPCR)

The first year of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution was for making the arrangements; the second is for striving for victory, establishing temporary power structures, and the revolutionizing of thinking; the third is for tidying up. The main things to be done at present are major criticism and the achieving of great alliances and triple combinations. [1] Great alliances were to be formed among the various revolutionary mass organi-zations to create provisional new ruling bodies, in which those former leading cadres still thought revolutionary and representatives of the army were also to take part, thus forming triple combinations.

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