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New Left Review I/54, March-April 1969

Ilios Yannakakis

The Greek Communist Party

At the 12th plenary session of its Central Committee, which met between the 3rd and 12th February 1968, the Greek Communist Party split. A captive of its myths, transplanted into a foreign environment, institutionalized in the framework of a dubious legality, cut off from the political and social life of its own country, the Greek Communist Party had traditionally assimilated into its own work the deformed practices of the Eastern European countries. The split, which has occurred at a time when the entire Greek Left is engaged in working out a common programme adapted to the special conditions of the struggle against the dictatorship, was doubtless inevitable. It is itself a positive phenomenon because for Greek Communists abroad it is the beginning of an acknowledgment of reality, and for Communists at home of spiritual liberation. But above all it is the end of a myth.

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Ilios Yannakakis, ‘The Greek Communist Party’, NLR I/54: £3

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