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New Left Review I/53, January-February 1969

W. J. F. Jenner

The New Chinese Revolution

Great things have been happening in China during the past three years, where the masses have been taking part in struggles to decide the future of the socialist revolution in their country. An established Communist Party and government structure has been shaken and in places replaced in popular rebellions from below and from the left that have enjoyed the support and encouragement of the Party’s Central Committee and are intended to strengthen socialism. New forms of government are being hammered out, and the running of every factory, rural production brigade, school, army unit, government office and every other organization have been the subject of political controversy and conflict. All this is new and exciting, but also confusing. Moreover, the whole process has been abused and obfuscated by its enemies abroad. The Chinese themselves, determined to avoid foreign intervention, have limited the information leaving the country. But enough is available, from eye-witness accounts such as John Collier’s (nlr 48 and 50) to Chinese news releases and papers, to make a provisional analysis possible.

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W. J. F. Jenner, ‘The New Chinese Revolution’, NLR I/53: £3

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