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New Left Review I/50, July-August 1968

The three articles below are descriptions and analyses of recent student struggles in England by militants active in them. In each case, the issues around which the action centred and the pattern of struggle that emerged are different, and the generalizations drawn from their experience differ too. This is only to be expected. There can as yet be no general line on a strategy for revolutionary student action in the UK. This can only be developed by drawing together student experience by action at a national level; this demands a central organization of revolutionary student militants. NLR therefore welcomes the foundation of a Revolutionary Socialist Students’ Federation in London this June.

Tom Fawthrop


On Saturday, June 8th, after a ten day campaign unique in the history of the University of Hull, the overwhelming majority of students voted at a Union general meeting to occupy the administration buildings. For once, Union policy was promptly implemented; by Saturday night the power-centre of the University had been taken over; a sign on the entrance, ‘Under New Management’, announced this new fact of life.

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