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New Left Review I/50, July-August 1968

Jon Halliday

Structural Reform in Italy—Theory and Practice

Since the war, the Italian Left has become well known abroad for four reasons: first, because it was the only movement where Communists and Socialists maintained a united front uninterruptedly through the depths of the cold war; second, because the pci built itself into the largest Marxist party in any capitalist country (roughly five times the members of the pcf); third, because Togliatti was in the vanguard of the move towards ‘polycentrism’ after the Twentieth Congress; fourth, because in the late fifties and early sixties Italy was often considered to be the centre of the most advanced political practice on the Left in the industrialized societies of today.

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Jon Halliday, ‘Structural Reform in Italy--Theory and Practice’, NLR I/50: £3

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