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  1. Raphael Samuel: Dr.Abrams and the End of Politics
  2. Judith Hart: Comment on 'Revolution' by E.P.Thompson
  3. John Keenan: Comment on 'Revolution' by E.P. Thompson
  4. Eric Heffer: Comment on 'Revolution' by E.P.Thompson
  5. H. Y.: Tokyo Against the Alliance
  6. C. P. Sleet: The Racket
  7. Michael Kaye: The New Drama
  8. Arnold Wesker: Trade Unions and the Arts
  9. R. W. Davies: Communist Party of the Soviet Union
  10. Michael Rustin: Mr.Love and Justice
  11. Philip Aldis: Experiencing Architecture
  12. Harry Hanson: Socialism and Affluence
  13. Henry Collins: Trade Unions and the Government
  14. New Left Review, NLR Editorials: Letter to Readers
  15. C. Wright Mills: Letter to the New Left
  16. Michael Macoby, David Riesman: The American Crisis
  17. Emmanuel de Kadt: The Democratic Convention
  18. Kenneth Rexroth: Students Take Over
  19. Michael Barratt Brown: Imperialism Yesterday and Today
  20. Fidel Castro: History Will Absolve Me...
  21. Raymond Williams: Freedom and Ownership in the Arts