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  1. Tom Nairn: The Three Dreams of Scottish Nationalism
  2. Douglas Gill: Strategy of the Vietnamese Liberation
  3. Jon Halliday: Kennan’s Memoirs
  4. Oswald Stack: 'Containment and Revolution'
  5. B. B.: 'Bela Kun and the Hungarian Soviet Republic'
  6. J. H.: 'The Southeast Asian World'; 'The New Face of Buddha'
  7. Michael Foot: Credo of the Labour Left
  8. New Left Review: Introduction to Glucksmann
  9. Andre Glucksmann: Politics and War in the Thought of Mao Tse-tung
  10. G. G.: The Publisher
  11. Lee Russell: Cinema--Code and Image
  12. Ken Tarbuck: The Budget, Gold and the Incomes Policy
  13. Michael Parsons: Rolling Stones
  14. John Eaton: Industrial Democracy in Britain