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New Left Review I/48, March-April 1968

New Left Review

Introduction to Sartre article

It is now no longer only liberals like Mary McCarthy who discuss the American occupation of Vietnam in terms of genocide: even such a hitherto faithful supporter of the State Department as Theodore Draper, prised loose by the war from his long-held certainties, wrote in his recent book Abuse of Power of the ‘dehumanized genocide that . . . cannot distinguish between friend and foe’. In Newsweek of February 19th, a U.S. Army major viewing the rubble of Ben Tre was quoted as saying ‘It became necessary to destroy the town to save it.’ In the Sunday Times of February 18th, a reporter from Khe Sanh described the attitude of the Marines there as favouring United States with-drawal from Vietnam—after first carrying out a scorched earth policy. One of them who was ferried out wounded in the same aeroplane as the reporter wore a button with the slogan ‘Kill all gooks’.

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